I’m immensely grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to me for this study. I’m touched by their generosity and vulnerability, and I so hope that the insights I report here made good use of their time. Thank you to the following participants and others who preferred not to be named.


Andrea Diaz

Antonio Pirozzi

Britty Mann

Celeste Yamada

Chelsea Davis

Cameron Mehta

Cordelia Stone

Isaac Farias

David Michelson

Ganesh Hariharan

Jeff Stanek

Donya Hnath

Jeremy Beckham

Alex Kahn

AJ Jivdaya

Matthew Cooper

Nisha Kumar

Rachel Golusinski

Robert Yamada

Rebekah Robinson

Sara Andrews

Sasha Zemmel

Sidney Jesperson

Tanaka Granberry

Kai Fenn

Chandra Fuller

Naomi Davis

Tony Hoppe

Christina Liu

Mary Kate Fain

Amber Canavan

Dani Rukin

Aviva Gersovitch


A special thank you to Heather Rogers, who volunteered many hours helping me clean up interview transcripts.

We also thank We Animals Media and Direct Action Everywhere for making photos available for this project.