Based on our research, here are the 5 stages organizers go through in their development as activists.

The 5 Stages

People who stay involved in organizing for animal rights describe experiences that follow the stages of grief.

Consider it a literal grief process, experienced by people who were exposed to the true horror of animal agriculture and who found a way to live in the world despite it.

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In the beginning, we weren’t activists. We were skeptical that we could do anything about the problem and at points, didn’t feel particularly obligated. We look back on this time with regret for not getting active sooner.
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We might demonize individuals who continue to eat animals or vegans who aren’t activists. When we do find activists who first inspire but later disappoint us, that same demonizing impulse might be applied to them.
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We’re willing to do nearly anything to get involved. This is a vulnerable and desperate state where we’ll gladly do the grunt work of an organization or even participate in a group whose theory of change we disagree with (or don’t know).
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Defeat can come about when we’ve matured out of passion and found ourselves disillusioned with the work or the leadership or structure of our organizations.
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We hold a sober view of what the world is like and our part in changing it, however small.
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